audio β„– word type definition translation
πŸ”Š 1 commodity noun Something that is bought and sold. kommoditeit
πŸ”Š 2 commotion noun A disturbance or violent agitation. oproer
πŸ”Š 3 commute verb To put something, especially something less severe, in place of. pendel
πŸ”Š 4 comparable adjective Fit to be compared. vergelykbaar
πŸ”Š 5 comparative adjective Relative. vergelykende
πŸ”Š 6 comparison noun Examination of two or more objects with reference to their likeness or unlikeness. vergelyking
πŸ”Š 7 compensate verb To remunerate. vergoed
πŸ”Š 8 competence noun Adequate qualification or capacity. bevoegdheid
πŸ”Š 9 competent adjective Qualified. bevoegde
πŸ”Š 10 competitive adjective characterized by rivalry. mededingende
πŸ”Š 11 competitor noun A rival. mededinger
πŸ”Š 12 complacence noun Satisfaction with one's acts or surroundings. voldoening
πŸ”Š 13 complacent adjective Pleased or satisfied with oneself. selfvoldaan
πŸ”Š 14 complaisance noun Politeness. inschikkelijkheid
πŸ”Š 15 complaisant adjective Agreeable. gedienstig
πŸ”Š 16 complement verb To make complete. aanvulling
πŸ”Š 17 complex adjective Complicated. komplekse
πŸ”Š 18 compliant adjective Yielding. voldoen
πŸ”Š 19 complicate verb To make complex, difficult, or hard to deal with. bemoeilik
πŸ”Š 20 complication noun An intermingling or combination of things or parts, especially in a perplexing manner. komplikasie
πŸ”Š 21 complicity noun Participation or partnership, as in wrong-doing or with a wrong-doer. medepligtigheid
πŸ”Š 22 compliment verb To address or gratify with expressions of delicate praise. kompliment
πŸ”Š 23 component noun A constituent element or part. komponent
πŸ”Š 24 comport verb To conduct or behave (oneself). Comport
πŸ”Š 25 composure noun Calmness. kalmte
πŸ”Š 26 comprehensible adjective Intelligible. verstaanbaar
πŸ”Š 27 comprehension noun Ability to know. begrip
πŸ”Š 28 comprehensive adjective Large in scope or content. omvattende
πŸ”Š 29 compress verb To press together or into smaller space. compress
πŸ”Š 30 compressible adjective Capable of being pressed into smaller compass. samedrukbare
πŸ”Š 31 compression noun Constraint, as by force or authority. kompressie
πŸ”Š 32 comprise verb To consist of. bestaan
πŸ”Š 33 compulsion noun Coercion. dwang
πŸ”Š 34 compulsory adjective Forced. verpligte
πŸ”Š 35 compunction noun Remorseful feeling. berou
πŸ”Š 36 compute verb To ascertain by mathematical calculation. bereken
πŸ”Š 37 concede verb To surrender. toegee
πŸ”Š 38 conceit noun Self-flattering opinion. verbeelding
πŸ”Š 39 conceive verb To form an idea, mental image or thought of. swanger
πŸ”Š 40 concession noun Anything granted or yielded, or admitted in response to a demand, petition, or claim. toegewing
πŸ”Š 41 conciliate verb To obtain the friendship of. versoen
πŸ”Š 42 conciliatory adjective Tending to reconcile. versoenende
πŸ”Š 43 conclusive adjective Sufficient to convince or decide. afdoende
πŸ”Š 44 concord noun Harmony. Concord
πŸ”Š 45 concordance noun Harmony. konkordansie
πŸ”Š 46 concur verb To agree. stem saam
πŸ”Š 47 concurrence noun Agreement. instemming
πŸ”Š 48 concurrent adjective Occurring or acting together. konkurrente
πŸ”Š 49 concussion noun A violent shock to some organ by a fall or a sudden blow. harsingskudding
πŸ”Š 50 condensation noun The act or process of making dense or denser. kondensasie
πŸ”Š 51 condense verb To abridge. kondenseer
πŸ”Š 52 condescend verb To come down voluntarily to equal terms with inferiors. verwerdig
πŸ”Š 53 condolence noun Expression of sympathy with a person in pain, sorrow, or misfortune. meegevoel
πŸ”Š 54 conduce verb To bring about. conduce
πŸ”Š 55 conducive adjective Contributing to an end. bevorderlik
πŸ”Š 56 conductible adjective Capable of being conducted or transmitted. geleibaar
πŸ”Š 57 conduit noun A means for conducting something, particularly a tube, pipe, or passageway for a fluid. watervoor
πŸ”Š 58 confectionery noun The candy collectively that a confectioner makes or sells, as candy. gebak
πŸ”Š 59 confederacy noun A number of states or persons in compact or league with each other, as for mutual aid. sameswering
πŸ”Š 60 confederate noun One who is united with others in a league, compact, or agreement. Konfederale
πŸ”Š 61 confer verb To bestow. verleen
πŸ”Š 62 conferee noun A person with whom another confers. besprekingen
πŸ”Š 63 confidant noun One to whom secrets are entrusted. vertroueling
πŸ”Š 64 confide verb To reveal in trust or confidence. vertrou
πŸ”Š 65 confidence noun The state or feeling of trust in or reliance upon another. vertroue
πŸ”Š 66 confident adjective Assured. vol vertroue
πŸ”Š 67 confinement noun Restriction within limits or boundaries. bevalling
πŸ”Š 68 confiscate verb To appropriate (private property) as forfeited to the public use or treasury. konfiskeer
πŸ”Š 69 conflagration noun A great fire, as of many buildings, a forest, or the like. verwoestende brand
πŸ”Š 70 confluence noun The place where streams meet. samevloeiing
πŸ”Š 71 confluent noun A stream that unites with another. bymekaar kom
πŸ”Š 72 conformable adjective Harmonious. gelykvormig
πŸ”Š 73 conformance noun The act or state or conforming. conformance
πŸ”Š 74 conformation noun General structure, form, or outline. bouvorm
πŸ”Š 75 conformity noun Correspondence in form, manner, or use. ooreenstemming
πŸ”Š 76 confront verb To encounter, as difficulties or obstacles. konfronteer
πŸ”Š 77 congeal verb To coagulate. stol
πŸ”Š 78 congenial adjective Having kindred character or tastes. simpatiek
πŸ”Š 79 congest verb To collect into a mass. ophopen
πŸ”Š 80 congregate verb To bring together into a crowd. vergader
πŸ”Š 81 coniferous adjective Cone-bearing trees. naald
πŸ”Š 82 conjecture noun A guess. veronderstelling
πŸ”Š 83 conjoin verb To unite. assosieer
πŸ”Š 84 conjugal adjective Pertaining to marriage, marital rights, or married persons. huwelik
πŸ”Š 85 conjugate adjective Joined together in pairs. toegevoegde
πŸ”Š 86 conjugation noun The state or condition of being joined together. vervoeging
πŸ”Š 87 conjunction noun The state of being joined together, or the things so joined. samewerking
πŸ”Š 88 connive verb To be in collusion. oogluikend
πŸ”Š 89 connoisseur noun A critical judge of art, especially one with thorough knowledge and sound judgment of art. fynproewer
πŸ”Š 90 connote verb To mean; signify. hulle sluit
πŸ”Š 91 connubial adjective Pertaining to marriage or matrimony. echtelijk
πŸ”Š 92 conquer verb To overcome by force. oorwin
πŸ”Š 93 consanguineous adjective Descended from the same parent or ancestor. consanguineous
πŸ”Š 94 conscience noun The faculty in man by which he distinguishes between right and wrong in character and conduct. gewete
πŸ”Š 95 conscientious adjective Governed by moral standard. pligsgetroue
πŸ”Š 96 conscious adjective Aware that one lives, feels, and thinks. bewuste
πŸ”Š 97 conscript verb To force into military service. dienspligtige
πŸ”Š 98 consecrate verb To set apart as sacred. heilig
πŸ”Š 99 consecutive adjective Following in uninterrupted succession. agtereenvolgende
πŸ”Š 100 consensus noun A collective unanimous opinion of a number of persons. konsensus
πŸ”Š 101 conservatism noun Tendency to adhere to the existing order of things. konserwatisme
πŸ”Š 102 conservative adjective Adhering to the existing order of things. konserwatief
πŸ”Š 103 conservatory noun An institution for instruction and training in music and declamation. Konservatorium
πŸ”Š 104 consign verb To entrust. besending
πŸ”Š 105 consignee noun A person to whom goods or other property has been entrusted. geadresseerde
πŸ”Š 106 consignor noun One who entrusts. afsender
πŸ”Š 107 consistency noun A state of permanence. konsekwentheid
πŸ”Š 108 console verb To comfort. konsole
πŸ”Š 109 consolidate verb To combine into one body or system. konsolideer
πŸ”Š 110 consonance noun The state or quality of being in accord with. gelijkluidend
πŸ”Š 111 consonant adjective Being in agreement or harmony with. konsonant
πŸ”Š 112 consort noun A companion or associate. gade
πŸ”Š 113 conspicuous adjective Clearly visible. opvallende
πŸ”Š 114 conspirator noun One who agrees with others to cooperate in accomplishing some unlawful purpose. samesweerder
πŸ”Š 115 conspire verb To plot. saamspan
πŸ”Š 116 constable noun An officer whose duty is to maintain the peace. konstabel
πŸ”Š 117 constellation noun An arbitrary assemblage or group of stars. konstellasie
πŸ”Š 118 consternation noun Panic. konsternasie
πŸ”Š 119 constituency noun The inhabitants or voters in a district represented in a legislative body. kiesafdeling
πŸ”Š 120 constituent noun One who has the right to vote at an election. samestellende
πŸ”Š 121 constrict verb To bind. vernou
πŸ”Š 122 consul noun An officer appointed to reside in a foreign city, chiefly to represent his country. konsul
πŸ”Š 123 consulate noun The place in which a consul transacts official business. konsulaat
πŸ”Š 124 consummate verb To bring to completion. volkome
πŸ”Š 125 consumption noun Gradual destruction, as by burning, eating, etc., or by using up, wearing out, etc. verbruik
πŸ”Š 126 consumptive adjective Designed for gradual destruction. verbruikende
πŸ”Š 127 contagion noun The communication of disease from person to person. besmetting
πŸ”Š 128 contagious adjective Transmitting disease. aansteeklik
πŸ”Š 129 contaminate verb To pollute. besoedel
πŸ”Š 130 contemplate verb To consider thoughtfully. oorweeg
πŸ”Š 131 contemporaneous adjective Living, occurring, or existing at the same time. tydelike
πŸ”Š 132 contemporary adjective Living or existing at the same time. kontemporΓͺre
πŸ”Š 133 contemptible adjective Worthy of scorn or disdain. veragtelik
πŸ”Š 134 contemptuous adjective Disdainful. minagtende
πŸ”Š 135 contender noun One who exerts oneself in opposition or rivalry. aanspraakmaker
πŸ”Š 136 contiguity noun Proximity. samehang
πŸ”Š 137 contiguous adjective Touching or joining at the edge or boundary. aangrensend
πŸ”Š 138 continence noun Self-restraint with respect to desires, appetites, and passion. kontinensie
πŸ”Š 139 contingency noun Possibility of happening. gebeurlikheidsplanne
πŸ”Š 140 contingent adjective Not predictable. voorwaardelike
πŸ”Š 141 continuance noun Permanence. voortsetting
πŸ”Š 142 continuation noun Prolongation. voortsetting
πŸ”Š 143 continuity noun Uninterrupted connection in space, time, operation, or development. kontinuΓ―teit
πŸ”Š 144 continuous adjective Connected, extended, or prolonged without separation or interruption of sequence. deurlopende
πŸ”Š 145 contort verb To twist into a misshapen form. verdraai
πŸ”Š 146 contraband noun Trade forbidden by law or treaty. smokkel
πŸ”Š 147 contradiction noun The assertion of the opposite of that which has been said. teenstrydigheid
πŸ”Š 148 contradictory adjective Inconsistent with itself. teenstrydige
πŸ”Š 149 contraposition noun A placing opposite. contraposition
πŸ”Š 150 contravene verb To prevent or obstruct the operation of. oortree
πŸ”Š 151 contribution noun The act of giving for a common purpose. bydrae
πŸ”Š 152 contributor noun One who gives or furnishes, in common with others, for a common purpose. bydraer
πŸ”Š 153 contrite adjective Broken in spirit because of a sense of sin. verslae
πŸ”Š 154 contrivance noun The act planning, devising, inventing, or adapting something to or for a special purpose. versinsel
πŸ”Š 155 contrive verb To manage or carry through by some device or scheme. bedink
πŸ”Š 156 control verb To exercise a directing, restraining, or governing influence over. beheer
πŸ”Š 157 controller noun One who or that which regulates or directs. kontroleerder
πŸ”Š 158 contumacious adjective Rebellious. weerbarstig
πŸ”Š 159 contumacy noun Contemptuous disregard of the requirements of rightful authority. weerspannigheid
πŸ”Š 160 contuse verb To bruise by a blow, either with or without the breaking of the skin. kneuzen
πŸ”Š 161 contusion noun A bruise. kontusie
πŸ”Š 162 convalesce verb To recover after a sickness. verhaal kom
πŸ”Š 163 convalescence noun The state of progressive restoration to health and strength after the cessation of disease. herstellingsoord
πŸ”Š 164 convalescent adjective Recovering health after sickness. hersteloorde
πŸ”Š 165 convene verb To summon or cause to assemble. byeenroep
πŸ”Š 166 convenience noun Fitness, as of time or place. gerief
πŸ”Š 167 converge verb To cause to incline and approach nearer together. konvergeer
πŸ”Š 168 convergent adjective Tending to one point. konvergente
πŸ”Š 169 conversant adjective Thoroughly informed. vertroud
πŸ”Š 170 conversion noun Change from one state or position to another, or from one form to another. omskakeling
πŸ”Š 171 convertible adjective Interchangeable. omskepbare
πŸ”Š 172 convex adjective Curving like the segment of the globe or of the surface of a circle. konvekse
πŸ”Š 173 conveyance noun That by which anything is transported. vervoer
πŸ”Š 174 convivial adjective Devoted to feasting, or to good-fellowship in eating or drinking. gesellige
πŸ”Š 175 convolution noun A winding motion. konvolusie
πŸ”Š 176 convolve verb To move with a circling or winding motion. oprollen
πŸ”Š 177 convoy noun A protecting force accompanying property in course of transportation. konvooi
πŸ”Š 178 convulse verb To cause spasms in. stuip
πŸ”Š 179 convulsion noun A violent and abnormal muscular contraction of the body. stuiptrekkings
πŸ”Š 180 copious adjective Plenteous. baie
πŸ”Š 181 coquette noun A flirt. coquette
πŸ”Š 182 cornice noun An ornamental molding running round the walls of a room close to the ceiling. kroonlys
πŸ”Š 183 corollary noun A proposition following so obviously from another that it requires little demonstration. uitvloeisel
πŸ”Š 184 coronation noun The act or ceremony of crowning a monarch. kroning
πŸ”Š 185 coronet noun Inferior crown denoting, according to its form, various degrees of noble rank less than sovereign. kroon
πŸ”Š 186 corporal adjective Belonging or relating to the body as opposed to the mind. korporaal
πŸ”Š 187 corporate adjective Belonging to a corporation. korporatiewe
πŸ”Š 188 corporeal adjective Of a material nature; physical. liggaamlike
πŸ”Š 189 corps noun A number or body of persons in some way associated or acting together. korps
πŸ”Š 190 corpse noun A dead body. lyk
πŸ”Š 191 corpulent adjective Obese. gesette
πŸ”Š 192 corpuscle noun A minute particle of matter. liggaampie
πŸ”Š 193 correlate verb To put in some relation of connection or correspondence. korreleer
πŸ”Š 194 correlative adjective Mutually involving or implying one another. korrelatiewe
πŸ”Š 195 corrigible adjective Capable of reformation. gedwee
πŸ”Š 196 corroborate verb To strengthen, as proof or conviction. bevestig
πŸ”Š 197 corroboration noun Confirmation. bevestiging
πŸ”Š 198 corrode verb To ruin or destroy little by little. korrodeer
πŸ”Š 199 corrosion noun Gradual decay by crumbling or surface disintegration. roes
πŸ”Š 200 corrosive noun That which causes gradual decay by crumbling or surface disintegration. bytende

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