audio β„– word type definition translation
πŸ”Š 1 ostentation noun A display dictated by vanity and intended to invite applause or flattery. praal
πŸ”Š 2 ostracism noun Exclusion from intercourse or favor, as in society or politics. uitbanning
πŸ”Š 3 ostracize verb To exclude from public or private favor. dood verklaar
πŸ”Š 4 ought verb To be under moral obligation to be or do. behoort
πŸ”Š 5 oust verb To eject. verdryf
πŸ”Š 6 out-and-out adverb Genuinely.
πŸ”Š 7 out-of-the-way adjective Remotely situated.
πŸ”Š 8 outbreak noun A sudden and violent breaking forth, as of something that has been pent up or restrained. uitbreek
πŸ”Š 9 outburst noun A violent issue, especially of passion in an individual. uitbarsting
πŸ”Š 10 outcast noun One rejected and despised, especially socially. uitgeworpene
πŸ”Š 11 outcry noun A vehement or loud cry or clamor. verontwaardiging
πŸ”Š 12 outdo verb To surpass. oortref
πŸ”Š 13 outlandish adjective Of barbarous, uncouth, and unfamiliar aspect or action. vreemd
πŸ”Š 14 outlast verb To last longer than. langer duur
πŸ”Š 15 outlaw noun A habitual lawbreaker. verbied
πŸ”Š 16 outlive verb To continue to exist after. oorleef
πŸ”Š 17 outpost noun A detachment of troops stationed at a distance from the main body to guard against surprise. buitepos
πŸ”Š 18 outrage noun A gross infringement of morality or decency. verontwaardiging
πŸ”Š 19 outrageous adjective Shocking in conduct. verregaande
πŸ”Š 20 outreach verb To reach or go beyond. uitreik
πŸ”Š 21 outride verb To ride faster than. deur staan
πŸ”Š 22 outright adverb Entirely. blatante
πŸ”Š 23 outskirt noun A border region. outskirt
πŸ”Š 24 outstretch verb To extend. uitstrek
πŸ”Š 25 outstrip verb To go beyond. oorskry
πŸ”Š 26 outweigh verb To surpass in importance or excellence. swaarder
πŸ”Š 27 overdo verb To overtax the strength of. oordoen
πŸ”Š 28 overdose noun An excessive dose, usually so large a dose of a medicine that its effect is toxic. oordosis
πŸ”Š 29 overeat verb To eat to excess. ooreet
πŸ”Š 30 overhang noun A portion of a structure which projects or hangs over. oorhang
πŸ”Š 31 overleap verb To leap beyond. spring oor
πŸ”Š 32 overlord noun One who holds supremacy over another. Overlord
πŸ”Š 33 overpass verb To pass across or over, as a river. bowe
πŸ”Š 34 overpay verb To pay or reward in excess. veel betaal
πŸ”Š 35 overpower verb To gain supremacy or victory over by superior power. oorweldig
πŸ”Š 36 overproduction noun Excessive production. oorproduksie
πŸ”Š 37 overreach verb To stretch out too far. te ver
πŸ”Š 38 overrun verb To infest or ravage. oorrompel
πŸ”Š 39 oversee verb To superintend. toesig te hou oor
πŸ”Š 40 overseer noun A supervisor. opsigter
πŸ”Š 41 overshadow verb To cast into the shade or render insignificant by comparison. oorskadu
πŸ”Š 42 overstride verb To step beyond. overstride
πŸ”Š 43 overthrow verb To vanquish an established ruler or government. omverwerping
πŸ”Š 44 overtone noun A harmonic. ondertoon
πŸ”Š 45 overture noun An instrumental prelude to an opera, oratorio, or ballet. ouverture
πŸ”Š 46 overweight noun Preponderance. oorgewig
πŸ”Š 47 pacify verb To bring into a peaceful state. paai
πŸ”Š 48 packet noun A bundle, as of letters. pakket
πŸ”Š 49 pact noun A covenant. pact
πŸ”Š 50 pagan noun A worshiper of false gods. heidense
πŸ”Š 51 pageant noun A dramatic representation, especially a spectacular one. skoonheidskompetisie
πŸ”Š 52 palate noun The roof of the mouth. verhemelte
πŸ”Š 53 palatial adjective Magnificent. palatial
πŸ”Š 54 paleontology noun The branch of biology that treats of ancient life and fossil organisms. paleontologie
πŸ”Š 55 palette noun A thin tablet, with a hole for the thumb, upon which artists lay their colors for painting. palet
πŸ”Š 56 palinode noun A retraction. palinode
πŸ”Š 57 pall verb To make dull by satiety. sluier
πŸ”Š 58 palliate verb To cause to appear less guilty. vergoelijken
πŸ”Š 59 pallid adjective Of a pale or wan appearance. bleek
πŸ”Š 60 palpable noun perceptible by feeling or touch. tasbaar
πŸ”Š 61 palsy noun Paralysis. gestremdheid
πŸ”Š 62 paly adjective Lacking color or brilliancy. bleek
πŸ”Š 63 pamphlet noun A brief treatise or essay, usually on a subject of current interest. pamflet
πŸ”Š 64 pamphleteer verb To compose or issue pamphlets, especially controversial ones. brochures
πŸ”Š 65 Pan-American adjective Including or pertaining to the whole of America, both North and South.
πŸ”Š 66 panacea noun A remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases. wondermiddel
πŸ”Š 67 pandemic adjective Affecting a whole people or all classes, as a disease. pandemie
πŸ”Š 68 pandemonium noun A fiendish or riotous uproar. pandemonium
πŸ”Š 69 panegyric noun A formal and elaborate eulogy, written or spoken, of a person or of an act. lofrede
πŸ”Š 70 panel noun A rectangular piece set in or as in a frame. paneel
πŸ”Š 71 panic noun A sudden, unreasonable, overpowering fear. paniek
πŸ”Š 72 panoply noun A full set of armor. arsenaal
πŸ”Š 73 panorama noun A series of large pictures representing a continuous scene. panorama
πŸ”Š 74 pantheism noun The worship of nature for itself or its beauty. panteΓ―sme
πŸ”Š 75 Pantheon noun A circular temple at Rome with a fine Corinthian portico and a great domed roof. Pantheon
πŸ”Š 76 pantomime noun Sign-language. pantomime
πŸ”Š 77 papacy noun The official head of the Roman Catholic Church. pous
πŸ”Š 78 papyrus noun The writing-paper of the ancient Egyptians, and later of the Romans. papirus
πŸ”Š 79 parable noun A brief narrative founded on real scenes or events usually with a moral. gelykenis
πŸ”Š 80 paradox noun A statement or doctrine seemingly in contradiction to the received belief. paradoks
πŸ”Š 81 paragon noun A model of excellence. toonbeeld
πŸ”Š 82 parallel verb To cause to correspond or lie in the same direction and equidistant in all parts. parallel
πŸ”Š 83 parallelism noun Essential likeness. parallelisme
πŸ”Š 84 paralysis noun Loss of the power of contractility in the voluntary or involuntary muscles. verlamming
πŸ”Š 85 paralyze verb To deprive of the power to act. verlam
πŸ”Š 86 paramount adjective Supreme in authority. kardinale
πŸ”Š 87 paramour noun One who is unlawfully and immorally a lover or a mistress. minnares
πŸ”Š 88 paraphernalia noun Miscellaneous articles of equipment or adornment. parafernalia
πŸ”Š 89 paraphrase verb Translate freely. parafraseer
πŸ”Š 90 pare verb To cut, shave, or remove (the outside) from anything. knip
πŸ”Š 91 parentage noun The relation of parent to child, of the producer to the produced, or of cause to effect. ouerskap
πŸ”Š 92 Pariah noun A member of a degraded class; a social outcast. paria
πŸ”Š 93 parish noun The ecclesiastical district in charge of a pastor. gemeente
πŸ”Š 94 Parisian adjective Of or pertaining to the city of Paris. Paryse
πŸ”Š 95 parity noun Equality, as of condition or rank. gelykheid
πŸ”Š 96 parlance noun Mode of speech. omgangstaal
πŸ”Š 97 parley verb To converse in. onderhandeling
πŸ”Š 98 parliament noun A legislative body. parlement
πŸ”Š 99 parlor noun A room for reception of callers or entertainment of guests. salon
πŸ”Š 100 parody verb To render ludicrous by imitating the language of. parodie
πŸ”Š 101 paronymous adjective Derived from the same root or primitive word. paronymous
πŸ”Š 102 paroxysm noun A sudden outburst of any kind of activity. hevige aanval
πŸ”Š 103 parricide noun The murder of a parent. vadermoordenaar
πŸ”Š 104 parse verb To describe, as a sentence, by separating it into its elements and describing each word. ontleed
πŸ”Š 105 parsimonious adjective Unduly sparing in the use or expenditure of money. karig
πŸ”Š 106 partible adjective Separable. deelbaar
πŸ”Š 107 participant noun One having a share or part. deelnemer
πŸ”Š 108 participate verb To receive or have a part or share of. deel te neem
πŸ”Š 109 partisan adjective Characterized by or exhibiting undue or unreasoning devotion to a party. partydige
πŸ”Š 110 partition noun That which separates anything into distinct parts. verdeling
πŸ”Š 111 passible adjective Capable of feeling of suffering. passible
πŸ”Š 112 passive adjective Unresponsive. passiewe
πŸ”Š 113 pastoral adjective Having the spirit or sentiment of rural life. pastorale
πŸ”Š 114 paternal adjective Fatherly. vaderlike
πŸ”Š 115 paternity noun Fatherhood. vaderskap
πŸ”Š 116 pathos noun The quality in any form of representation that rouses emotion or sympathy. patos
πŸ”Š 117 patriarch noun The chief of a tribe or race who rules by paternal right. patriarg
πŸ”Š 118 patrician adjective Of senatorial or noble rank. patriciΓ«rswoning
πŸ”Š 119 patrimony noun An inheritance from an ancestor, especially from one's father. erfenis
πŸ”Š 120 patriotism noun Love and devotion to one's country. patriotisme
πŸ”Š 121 patronize verb To exercise an arrogant condescension toward. begunstigen
πŸ”Š 122 patronymic adjective Formed after one's father's name. patronymicum
πŸ”Š 123 patter verb To mumble something over and over. getrippel
πŸ”Š 124 paucity noun Fewness. gebrek
πŸ”Š 125 pauper noun One without means of support. armlastige
πŸ”Š 126 pauperism noun Dependence on charity. armlastigen
πŸ”Š 127 pavilion noun An open structure for temporary shelter. pawiljoen
πŸ”Š 128 payee noun A person to whom money has been or is to be paid. nemer
πŸ”Š 129 peaceable adjective Tranquil. vredevolle
πŸ”Š 130 peaceful adjective Tranquil. vreedsame
πŸ”‡ peccable adjective Capable of sinning. peccable
πŸ”Š 132 peccant adjective Guilty. peccant
πŸ”Š 133 pectoral adjective Pertaining to the breast or thorax. pektorale
πŸ”Š 134 pecuniary adjective Consisting of money. geldelike
πŸ”Š 135 pedagogics noun The science and art of teaching. pedagogiek
πŸ”Š 136 pedagogue noun A schoolmaster. pedagoog
πŸ”Š 137 pedagogy noun The science and art of teaching pedagogie
πŸ”Š 138 pedal noun A lever for the foot usually applied only to musical instruments, cycles, and other machines. pedaal
πŸ”Š 139 pedant noun A scholar who makes needless and inopportune display of his learning. pedant
πŸ”Š 140 peddle verb To go about with a small stock of goods to sell. colporteren
πŸ”Š 141 peddler noun One who travels from house to house with an assortment of goods for retail. smous
πŸ”Š 142 pedestal noun A base or support as for a column, statue, or vase. voetstuk
πŸ”Š 143 pedestrian noun One who journeys on foot. voetganger
πŸ”Š 144 pediatrics noun The department of medical science that relates to the treatment of diseases of childhood. kindergeneeskunde
πŸ”Š 145 pedigree noun One's line of ancestors. stamboom
πŸ”Š 146 peerage noun The nobility. adel
πŸ”Š 147 peerless adjective Of unequaled excellence or worth. Peerless
πŸ”Š 148 peevish adjective Petulant. (irritable) nors
πŸ”Š 149 pellucid adjective Translucent. deurskynende
πŸ”Š 150 penalty noun The consequences that follow the transgression of natural or divine law. straf
πŸ”Š 151 penance noun Punishment to which one voluntarily submits or subjects himself as an expression of penitence. boetedoening
πŸ”Š 152 penchant noun A bias in favor of something. voorliefde
πŸ”Š 153 pendant noun Anything that hangs from something else, either for ornament or for use. pendant
πŸ”Š 154 pendulous adjective Hanging, especially so as to swing by an attached end or part. hangend
πŸ”Š 155 pendulum noun A weight hung on a rod, serving by its oscillation to regulate the rate of a clock. pendulum
πŸ”Š 156 penetrable adjective That may be pierced by physical, moral, or intellectual force. penetreerbare
πŸ”Š 157 penetrate verb To enter or force a way into the interior parts of. penetreer
πŸ”Š 158 penetration noun Discernment. penetrasie
πŸ”Š 159 peninsular adjective Pertaining to a piece of land almost surrounded by water. skiereiland
πŸ”Š 160 penitence noun Sorrow for sin with desire to amend and to atone. berou
πŸ”Š 161 penitential adjective Pertaining to sorrow for sin with desire to amend and to atone. boetedoening
πŸ”Š 162 pennant noun A small flag. wimpel
πŸ”Š 163 pension noun A periodical allowance to an individual on account of past service done by him/her. pensioen
πŸ”Š 164 pentad noun The number five. pentad
πŸ”Š 165 pentagon noun A figure, especially, with five angles and five sides. vyfhoek
πŸ”Š 166 pentahedron noun A solid bounded by five plane faces. pentaΓ«der
πŸ”Š 167 pentathlon noun The contest of five associated exercises in the great games and the same contestants. vyfkamp
πŸ”Š 168 pentavalent adjective Quinqeuvalent. pentavalent
πŸ”Š 169 penultimate adjective A syllable or member of a series that is last but one. voorlaaste
πŸ”Š 170 penurious adjective Excessively sparing in the use of money. behoeftig
πŸ”Š 171 penury noun Indigence. behoeftig
πŸ”Š 172 perambulate verb To walk about. afreizen
πŸ”Š 173 perceive verb To have knowledge of, or receive impressions concerning, through the medium of the body senses. sien
πŸ”Š 174 perceptible adjective Cognizable. waarneembaar
πŸ”Š 175 perception noun Knowledge through the senses of the existence and properties of matter or the external world. persepsie
πŸ”Š 176 percipience noun The act of perceiving. percipience
πŸ”Š 177 percipient noun One who or that which perceives. siener
πŸ”Š 178 percolate verb To filter. perkoleer
πŸ”Š 179 percolator noun A filter. koffiemaker
πŸ”Š 180 percussion noun The sharp striking of one body against another. perkussie
πŸ”Š 181 peremptory adjective Precluding question or appeal. gebiedend
πŸ”Š 182 perennial adjective Continuing though the year or through many years. meerjarige
πŸ”Š 183 perfectible adjective Capable of being made perfect. perfectible
πŸ”Š 184 perfidy noun Treachery. verraad
πŸ”Š 185 perforate verb To make a hole or holes through. perforeer
πŸ”Š 186 perform verb To accomplish. uit te voer
πŸ”Š 187 perfumery noun The preparation of perfumes. parfumerie
πŸ”Š 188 perfunctory adjective Half-hearted. oppervlakkig
πŸ”Š 189 perhaps adverb Possibly. miskien
πŸ”Š 190 periodicity noun The habit or characteristic of recurrence at regular intervals. periodisiteit
πŸ”Š 191 peripatetic adjective Walking about. marskramer
πŸ”Š 192 perjure verb To swear falsely to. meineed
πŸ”Š 193 perjury noun A solemn assertion of a falsity. meineed
πŸ”Š 194 permanence noun A continuance in the same state, or without any change that destroys the essential form or nature. permanensie
πŸ”Š 195 permanent adjective Durable. permanente
πŸ”Š 196 permeate verb To pervade. deurdring
πŸ”Š 197 permissible adjective That may be allowed. toelaatbaar
πŸ”Š 198 permutation noun Reciprocal change, different ordering of same items. permutasie
πŸ”Š 199 pernicious adjective Tending to kill or hurt. verderflike
πŸ”Š 200 perpendicular adjective Straight up and down. loodreg

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