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πŸ”Š 1 tutelage noun The act of training or the state of being under instruction. toesig
πŸ”Š 2 tutelar adjective Protective. tutelar
πŸ”Š 3 tutorship noun The office of a guardian. tutorskap
πŸ”Š 4 twinge noun A darting momentary local pain. steek
πŸ”Š 5 typical adjective Characteristic. tipiese
πŸ”Š 6 typify verb To serve as a characteristic example of. tipeer
πŸ”Š 7 typographical adjective Pertaining to typography or printing. tipografiese
πŸ”Š 8 typography noun The arrangement of composed type, or the appearance of printed matter. tipografie
πŸ”Š 9 tyrannical adjective Despotic. tiranniese
πŸ”Š 10 tyranny noun Absolute power arbitrarily or unjustly administrated. tirannie
πŸ”Š 11 tyro noun One slightly skilled in or acquainted with any trade or profession. nieuweling
πŸ”Š 12 ubiquitous adjective Being present everywhere. alomteenwoordige
πŸ”Š 13 ulterior adjective Not so pertinent as something else to the matter spoken of. versteekte
πŸ”Š 14 ultimate adjective Beyond which there is nothing else. uiteindelike
πŸ”Š 15 ultimatum noun A final statement or proposal, as concerning terms or conditions. ultimatum
πŸ”Š 16 ultramundane adjective Pertaining to supernatural things or to another life. ultramundane
πŸ”Š 17 umbrage noun A sense of injury. aanstoot
πŸ”Š 18 unaccountable adjective Inexplicable. onverklaarbaar
πŸ”Š 19 unaffected adjective Sincere. ongeaffekteer
πŸ”Š 20 unanimity noun The state or quality of being of one mind. eenstemmigheid
πŸ”Š 21 unanimous adjective Sharing the same views or sentiments. eenparige
πŸ”Š 22 unavoidable adjective Inevitable. onvermydelike
πŸ”Š 23 unbearable adjective Unendurable. ondraaglik
πŸ”Š 24 unbecoming adjective Unsuited to the wearer, place, or surroundings. onbetaamlike
πŸ”Š 25 unbelief noun Doubt. ongeloof
πŸ”Š 26 unbiased adjective Impartial, as judgment. onbevooroordeelde
πŸ”Š 27 unbridled adjective Being without restraint. ongebreidelde
πŸ”Š 28 uncommon adjective Rare. ongewoon
πŸ”Š 29 unconscionable adjective Ridiculously or unjustly excessive. gewetenloos
πŸ”Š 30 unconscious adjective Not cognizant of objects, actions, etc. bewusteloos
πŸ”Š 31 unction noun The art of anointing as with oil. salwing
πŸ”Š 32 unctuous adjective Oily. zalvend
πŸ”Š 33 undeceive verb To free from deception, as by apprising of the real state of affairs. uit die droom help
πŸ”Š 34 undercharge verb To make an inadequate charge for. undercharge
πŸ”Š 35 underexposed adjective Insufficiently exposed for proper or full development, as negatives in photography. beligting
πŸ”Š 36 undergarment noun A garment to be worn under the ordinary outer garments. stuk onder
πŸ”Š 37 underhanded adjective Clandestinely carried on. onderduimse
πŸ”Š 38 underlie verb To be the ground or support of. onderlΓͺ
πŸ”Š 39 underling noun A subordinate. onder het
πŸ”Š 40 underman verb To equip with less than the full complement of men. underman
πŸ”Š 41 undermine verb To subvert in an underhand way. ondermyn
πŸ”Š 42 underrate verb To undervalue. onderskat
πŸ”Š 43 undersell verb To sell at a lower price than. undersell
πŸ”Š 44 undersized adjective Of less than the customary size. ondermaatse
πŸ”Š 45 understate verb To fail to put strongly enough, as a case. understate
πŸ”Š 46 undervalue verb To underestimate. skatte
πŸ”Š 47 underworld noun Hades. onderwΓͺreld
πŸ”Š 48 underwrite verb To issue or be party to the issue of a policy of insurance. onderskryf
πŸ”Š 49 undue adjective More than sufficient. onbehoorlike
πŸ”Š 50 undulate verb To move like a wave or in waves. gekartel
πŸ”Š 51 unfavorable adjective Adverse. ongunstige
πŸ”Š 52 ungainly adjective Clumsy. lomp
πŸ”Š 53 unguent noun Any ointment or lubricant for local application. salf
πŸ”Š 54 unicellular adjective Consisting of a single cell. eensellige
πŸ”Š 55 unify verb To cause to be one. verenig
πŸ”Š 56 unique adjective Being the only one of its kind. unieke
πŸ”Š 57 unison noun A condition of perfect agreement and accord. harmonie
πŸ”Š 58 unisonant adjective Being in a condition of perfect agreement and accord. unisonant
πŸ”Š 59 Unitarian adjective Pertaining to a religious body that rejects the doctrine of the Trinity. Vryheid
πŸ”‡ univalence noun Monovalency. univalence
πŸ”Š 61 unlawful adjective Illegal. onregmatige
πŸ”Š 62 unlimited adjective Unconstrained. onbeperkte
πŸ”Š 63 unnatural adjective Artificial. onnatuurlike
πŸ”Š 64 unnecessary adjective Not essential under the circumstances. onnodige
πŸ”Š 65 unsettle verb To put into confusion. ontwrig
πŸ”Š 66 unsophisticated adjective Showing inexperience. ongesofistikeerde
πŸ”Š 67 unspeakable adjective Abominable. onuitspreeklike
πŸ”Š 68 untimely adjective Unseasonable. ontydige
πŸ”Š 69 untoward adjective Causing annoyance or hindrance. verkeerde
πŸ”Š 70 unutterable adjective Inexpressible. onuitspreeklike
πŸ”Š 71 unwieldy adjective Moved or managed with difficulty, as from great size or awkward shape. lomp
πŸ”Š 72 unwise adjective Foolish. onverstandig
πŸ”Š 73 unyoke verb To separate. losmaak
πŸ”Š 74 up-keep noun Maintenance.
πŸ”Š 75 upbraid verb To reproach as deserving blame. begin verwyt
πŸ”Š 76 upcast noun A throwing upward. upCast
πŸ”Š 77 upheaval noun Overthrow or violent disturbance of established order or condition. omwenteling
πŸ”Š 78 upheave verb To raise or lift with effort. optillen
πŸ”Š 79 uppermost adjective First in order of precedence. boonste
πŸ”Š 80 uproarious adjective Noisy. stormachtig
πŸ”Š 81 uproot verb To eradicate. ontwortel
πŸ”Š 82 upturn verb To throw into confusion. opswaai
πŸ”Š 83 urban adjective Of, or pertaining to, or like a city. stedelike
πŸ”Š 84 urbanity noun Refined or elegant courtesy. stad lewe
πŸ”Š 85 urchin noun A roguish, mischievous boy. urchin
πŸ”Š 86 urgency noun The pressure of necessity. dringendheid
πŸ”Š 87 usage noun Treatment. gebruik
πŸ”Š 88 usurious adjective Taking unlawful or exorbitant interest on money loaned. rente
πŸ”Š 89 usurp verb To take possession of by force. heers
πŸ”Š 90 usury noun The demanding for the use of money as a loan, a rate of interest beyond what is allowed by law. rente
πŸ”Š 91 utilitarianism noun The ethical doctrine that actions are right because they are useful or of beneficial tendency. utilitarisme
πŸ”Š 92 utility noun Fitness for some desirable practical purpose. nut
πŸ”Š 93 utmost noun The greatest possible extent. uiterste
πŸ”Š 94 vacate verb To leave. ontruim
πŸ”Š 95 vaccinate verb To inoculate with vaccine virus or virus of cowpox. ent
πŸ”Š 96 vacillate verb To waver. aarsel
πŸ”Š 97 vacuous adjective Empty. nutteloos
πŸ”Š 98 vacuum noun A space entirely devoid of matter. vakuum
πŸ”Š 99 vagabond noun A wanderer. rondloper
πŸ”Š 100 vagrant noun An idle wanderer. swerwer
πŸ”Š 101 vainglory noun Excessive, pretentious, and demonstrative vanity. nietigheid
πŸ”Š 102 vale noun Level or low land between hills. vale
πŸ”Š 103 valediction noun A bidding farewell. afskeid
πŸ”Š 104 valedictorian noun Student who delivers an address at graduating exercises of an educational institution. Valedictorian
πŸ”Š 105 valedictory noun A parting address. afskeid
πŸ”Š 106 valid adjective Founded on truth. geldig
πŸ”Š 107 vapid adjective Having lost sparkling quality and flavor. saai
πŸ”Š 108 vaporizer noun An atomizer. verdamper
πŸ”Š 109 variable adjective Having a tendency to change. veranderlike
πŸ”Š 110 variance noun Change. variansie
πŸ”Š 111 variant noun A thing that differs from another in form only, being the same in essence or substance. variant
πŸ”Š 112 variation noun Modification. variasie
πŸ”Š 113 variegate verb To mark with different shades or colors. variegate
πŸ”Š 114 vassal noun A slave or bondman. vasal
πŸ”Š 115 vaudeville noun A variety show. vaudeville
πŸ”Š 116 vegetal adjective Of or pertaining to plants. plant
πŸ”Š 117 vegetarian noun One who believes in the theory that man's food should be exclusively vegetable. vegetariese
πŸ”Š 118 vegetate verb To live in a monotonous, passive way without exercise of the mental faculties. vege teren
πŸ”Š 119 vegetation noun Plant-life in the aggregate. plantegroei
πŸ”Š 120 vegetative adjective Pertaining to the process of plant-life. vegetatiewe
πŸ”Š 121 vehement adjective Very eager or urgent. heftige
πŸ”Š 122 velocity noun Rapid motion. snelheid
πŸ”Š 123 velvety adjective Marked by lightness and softness. fluweelagtige
πŸ”Š 124 venal adjective Mercenary, corrupt. veil
πŸ”Š 125 vendible adjective Marketable. vendible
πŸ”Š 126 vendition noun The act of selling. vendition
πŸ”Š 127 vendor noun A seller. verkoper
πŸ”Š 128 veneer noun Outside show or elegance. fineer
πŸ”Š 129 venerable adjective Meriting or commanding high esteem. eerbiedwaardige
πŸ”Š 130 venerate verb To cherish reverentially. vereer
πŸ”Š 131 venereal adjective Pertaining to or proceeding from sexual intercourse. veneriese
πŸ”Š 132 venial adjective That may be pardoned or forgiven, a forgivable sin. verontschuldigendbaar
πŸ”Š 133 venison noun The flesh of deer. wildsvleis
πŸ”Š 134 venom noun The poisonous fluid that certain animals secrete. gif
πŸ”Š 135 venous adjective Of, pertaining to, or contained or carried in a vein or veins. veneuse
πŸ”Š 136 veracious adjective Habitually disposed to speak the truth. waarheid getrou
πŸ”Š 137 veracity noun Truthfulness. waarheid
πŸ”Š 138 verbatim adverb Word for word. woordeliks
πŸ”Š 139 verbiage noun Use of many words without necessity. breedsprakigheid
πŸ”Š 140 verbose adjective Wordy. verbose
πŸ”Š 141 verdant adjective Green with vegetation. groen
πŸ”Š 142 verification noun The act of proving to be true, exact, or accurate. verifikasie
πŸ”Š 143 verify verb To prove to be true, exact, or accurate. verifieer
πŸ”Š 144 verily adverb In truth. voorwaar
πŸ”Š 145 verity noun Truth. waarheid
πŸ”Š 146 vermin noun A noxious or troublesome animal. ongediertes
πŸ”Š 147 vernacular noun The language of one's country. Volks-taal
πŸ”Š 148 vernal adjective Belonging to or suggestive of the spring. vernal
πŸ”Š 149 versatile adjective Having an aptitude for applying oneself to new and varied tasks or to various subjects. veelsydige
πŸ”Š 150 version noun A description or report of something as modified by one's character or opinion. weergawe
πŸ”Š 151 vertex noun Apex. hoekpunt
πŸ”Š 152 vertical adjective Lying or directed perpendicularly to the horizon. vertikale
πŸ”Š 153 vertigo noun Dizziness. vertigo
πŸ”Š 154 vestige noun A visible trace, mark, or impression, of something absent, lost, or gone. oorblyfsel
πŸ”Š 155 vestment noun Clothing or covering. gewaad
πŸ”Š 156 veto noun The constitutional right in a chief executive of refusing to approve an enactment. veto
πŸ”Š 157 vicarious adjective Suffered or done in place of or for the sake of another. middellike
πŸ”Š 158 viceroy noun A ruler acting with royal authority in place of the sovereign in a colony or province. onderkoning
πŸ”Š 159 vicissitude noun A change, especially a complete change, of condition or circumstances, as of fortune. wisselvallig
πŸ”Š 160 vie verb To contend. vie
πŸ”Š 161 vigilance noun Alert and intent mental watchfulness in guarding against danger. waaksaamheid
πŸ”Š 162 vigilant adjective Being on the alert to discover and ward off danger or insure safety. waaksaam
πŸ”Š 163 vignette noun A picture having a background or that is shaded off gradually. vignette
πŸ”Š 164 vincible adjective Conquerable. oorwin net
πŸ”Š 165 vindicate verb To prove true, right, or real. verdedig
πŸ”Š 166 vindicative adjective Revengeful. wraakzuchtig
πŸ”Š 167 vindicatory adjective Punitive. rechtvaardigend
πŸ”Š 168 vinery noun A greenhouse for grapes. wyn goed
πŸ”Š 169 viol noun A stringed instrument of the violin class. harp
πŸ”Š 170 viola noun A musical instrument somewhat larger than a violin. altviool
πŸ”Š 171 violation noun Infringement. skending
πŸ”Š 172 violator noun One who transgresses. oortreder
πŸ”Š 173 violoncello noun A stringed instrument held between the player's knees. cello
πŸ”Š 174 virago noun A bold, impudent, turbulent woman. feeks
πŸ”Š 175 virile adjective Masculine. viriele
πŸ”Š 176 virtual adjective Being in essence or effect, but not in form or appearance. virtuele
πŸ”Š 177 virtuoso noun A master in the technique of some particular fine art. virtuose
πŸ”Š 178 virulence noun Extreme poisonousness. virulensie
πŸ”Š 179 virulent adjective Exceedingly noxious or deleterious. virulente
πŸ”Š 180 visage noun The face, countenance, or look of a person. gelaatstrekke
πŸ”Š 181 vista noun A view or prospect. Vista
πŸ”Š 182 visual adjective Perceptible by sight. visuele
πŸ”Š 183 visualize verb To give pictorial vividness to a mental representation. visualiseer
πŸ”Š 184 vitality noun The state or quality of being necessary to existence or continuance. vitaliteit
πŸ”Š 185 vitalize verb To endow with life or energy. levenskracht
πŸ”Š 186 vitiate verb To contaminate. kragteloos maak
πŸ”‡ vituperable adjective Deserving of censure. vituperable
πŸ”Š 188 vivacity noun Liveliness. sappig
πŸ”Š 189 vivify verb To endue with life. bezielen
πŸ”Š 190 vivisection noun The dissection of a living animal. vivisectie
πŸ”Š 191 vocable noun a word, especially one regarded in relation merely to its qualities of sound. mondeling baar
πŸ”Š 192 vocative adjective Of or pertaining to the act of calling. vokatief
πŸ”Š 193 vociferance noun The quality of making a clamor. vociferance
πŸ”Š 194 vociferate verb To utter with a loud and vehement voice. razen
πŸ”Š 195 vociferous adjective Making a loud outcry. luidkeels
πŸ”Š 196 vogue noun The prevalent way or fashion. mode
πŸ”Š 197 volant adjective Flying or able to fly. Volant
πŸ”Š 198 volatile adjective Changeable. vlugtige
πŸ”Š 199 volition noun An act or exercise of will. beweging
πŸ”Š 200 volitive adjective Exercising the will. volitive

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