audio β„– word type definition translation
πŸ”Š 1 lattice noun Openwork of metal or wood, formed by crossing or interlacing strips or bars. rooster
πŸ”Š 2 laud verb To praise in words or song. loflied
πŸ”Š 3 laudable adjective Praiseworthy. lofwaardige
πŸ”Š 4 laudation noun High praise. lofrede
πŸ”Š 5 laudatory adjective Pertaining to, expressing, or containing praise. lofprysing
πŸ”Š 6 laundress noun Washerwoman. wasvrouw
πŸ”Š 7 laureate adjective Crowned with laurel, as a mark of distinction. laureate
πŸ”Š 8 lave verb To wash or bathe. lave
πŸ”Š 9 lawgiver noun A legislator. septer
πŸ”Š 10 lawmaker noun A legislator. wetmaker
πŸ”Š 11 lax adjective Not stringent or energetic. laks
πŸ”Š 12 laxative adjective Having power to open or loosen the bowels. lakseermiddel
πŸ”Š 13 lea noun A field. lea
πŸ”Š 14 leaflet noun A little leaf or a booklet. pamflet
πŸ”Š 15 leaven verb To make light by fermentation, as dough. suurdeeg
πŸ”Š 16 leeward noun That side or direction toward which the wind blows. Leeward
πŸ”Š 17 left-handed adjective Using the left hand or arm more dexterously than the right.
πŸ”Š 18 legacy noun A bequest. nalatenskap
πŸ”Š 19 legalize verb To give the authority of law to. wettig
πŸ”Š 20 legging noun A covering for the leg. beenkap
πŸ”Š 21 legible adjective That may be read with ease. leesbaar
πŸ”Š 22 legionary noun A member of an ancient Roman legion or of the modern French Legion of Honor. legio
πŸ”Š 23 legislate verb To make or enact a law or laws. wette
πŸ”Š 24 legislative adjective That makes or enacts laws. wetgewende
πŸ”Š 25 legislator noun A lawgiver. wetgewer
πŸ”Š 26 legitimacy noun Accordance with law. legitimiteit
πŸ”Š 27 legitimate adjective Having the sanction of law or established custom. wettige
πŸ”Š 28 leisure noun Spare time. ontspanning
πŸ”Š 29 leniency noun Forbearance. toegeeflikheid
πŸ”Š 30 lenient adjective Not harsh. toegeeflik
πŸ”Š 31 leonine adjective Like a lion. leeus
πŸ”Š 32 lethargy noun Prolonged sluggishness of body or mind. lusteloosheid
πŸ”Š 33 levee noun An embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow. rivierdijk
πŸ”Š 34 lever noun That which exerts, or through which one may exert great power. hefboom
πŸ”Š 35 leviathan noun Any large animal, as a whale. Leviatan
πŸ”Š 36 levity noun Frivolity. onstandvastigheid
πŸ”Š 37 levy verb To impose and collect by force or threat of force. heffing
πŸ”Š 38 lewd adjective Characterized by lust or lasciviousness. ontugtige
πŸ”Š 39 lexicographer noun One who makes dictionaries. leksikograaf
πŸ”Š 40 lexicography noun The making of dictionaries. leksikografie
πŸ”Š 41 lexicon noun A dictionary. leksikon
πŸ”Š 42 liable adjective Justly or legally responsible. aanspreeklik
πŸ”Š 43 libel noun Defamation. laster
πŸ”Š 44 liberalism noun Opposition to conservatism. liberalisme
πŸ”Š 45 liberate verb To set free or release from bondage. bevry
πŸ”Š 46 licentious adjective Wanton. losbandige
πŸ”Š 47 licit adjective Lawful. wettig
πŸ”Š 48 liege adjective Sovereign. Liege
πŸ”Š 49 lien noun A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge. retensiereg
πŸ”Š 50 lieu noun Stead. plaas
πŸ”Š 51 lifelike adjective Realistic. lewensgetroue
πŸ”Š 52 lifelong adjective Lasting or continuous through life. lewenslange
πŸ”Š 53 lifetime noun The time that life continues. lewensduur
πŸ”Š 54 ligament noun That which binds objects together. ligament
πŸ”Š 55 ligature noun Anything that constricts, or serves for binding or tying. ligatuur
πŸ”Š 56 light-hearted adjective Free from care.
πŸ”Š 57 ligneous adjective Having the texture of appearance of wood. houtagtige
πŸ”Š 58 likelihood noun A probability. waarskynlikheid
πŸ”Š 59 likely adjective Plausible. waarskynlik
πŸ”Š 60 liking noun Fondness. smaak
πŸ”Š 61 limitation noun A restriction. beperking
πŸ”Š 62 linear adjective Of the nature of a line. lineΓͺre
πŸ”Š 63 liner noun A vessel belonging to a steamship-line. liner
πŸ”Š 64 lingo noun Language. lingo
πŸ”Š 65 lingua noun The tongue. lingua
πŸ”Š 66 lingual adjective Pertaining to the use of the tongue in utterance. linguale
πŸ”Š 67 linguist noun One who is acquainted with several languages. taalkundige
πŸ”Š 68 linguistics noun The science of languages, or of the origin, history, and significance of words. linguistiek
πŸ”Š 69 liniment noun A liquid preparation for rubbing on the skin in cases of bruises, inflammation, etc. salf
πŸ”Š 70 liquefy verb To convert into a liquid or into liquid form. vervloei
πŸ”Š 71 liqueur noun An alcoholic cordial sweetened and flavored with aromatic substances. likeur
πŸ”Š 72 liquidate verb To deliver the amount or value of. likwideer
πŸ”Š 73 liquor noun Any alcoholic or intoxicating liquid. drank
πŸ”Š 74 listless adjective Inattentive. lusteloos
πŸ”Š 75 literacy noun The state or condition of knowing how to read and write. geletterdheid
πŸ”Š 76 literal adjective Following the exact words. letterlike
πŸ”Š 77 literature noun The written or printed productions of the human mind collectively. literatuur
πŸ”Š 78 lithe adjective Supple. lenige
πŸ”Š 79 lithesome adjective Nimble. lenig
πŸ”Š 80 lithograph noun A print made by printing from stone. litografie
πŸ”Š 81 litigant noun A party to a lawsuit. litigant
πŸ”Š 82 litigate verb To cause to become the subject-matter of a suit at law. litigeer
πŸ”Š 83 litigious adjective Quarrelsome. hofwerk
πŸ”Š 84 littoral adjective Of, pertaining to, or living on a shore. kus
πŸ”Š 85 liturgy noun A ritual. liturgie
πŸ”Š 86 livelihood noun Means of subsistence. lewensbestaan
πŸ”Š 87 livid adjective Black-and-blue, as contused flesh. woedend
πŸ”Š 88 loam noun A non-coherent mixture of sand and clay. leem
πŸ”Š 89 loath adjective Averse. onwillig
πŸ”Š 90 loathe verb To abominate. walglik
πŸ”Š 91 locative adjective Indicating place, or the place where or wherein an action occurs. lokatiewe
πŸ”Š 92 loch noun A lake. loch
πŸ”Š 93 locomotion noun The act or power of moving from one place to another. beweging
πŸ”Š 94 lode noun A somewhat continuous unstratified metal- bearing vein. Lode
πŸ”Š 95 lodgment noun The act of furnishing with temporary quarters. indiening
πŸ”Š 96 logic noun The science of correct thinking. logika
πŸ”Š 97 logical adjective Capable of or characterized by clear reasoning. logiese
πŸ”Š 98 logician noun An expert reasoner. logikus
πŸ”Š 99 loiterer noun One who consumes time idly. leeglΓͺerslewe
πŸ”Š 100 loneliness noun Solitude. eensaamheid
πŸ”Š 101 longevity noun Unusually prolonged life. langslewendheid
πŸ”Š 102 loot verb To plunder. buit
πŸ”Š 103 loquacious adjective Talkative. kwetterend
πŸ”Š 104 lordling noun A little lord. lordling
πŸ”Š 105 lough noun A lake or loch. Lough
πŸ”Š 106 louse noun A small insect parasitic on and sucking the blood of mammals. luis
πŸ”Š 107 lovable adjective Amiable. lief
πŸ”Š 108 low-spirited adjective Despondent.
πŸ”Š 109 lowly adverb Rudely. nederig
πŸ”Š 110 lucid adjective Mentally sound. helder
πŸ”Š 111 lucrative adjective Highly profitable. winsgewende
πŸ”Š 112 ludicrous adjective Laughable. belaglik
πŸ”Š 113 luminary noun One of the heavenly bodies as a source of light. uitblinker
πŸ”Š 114 luminescence noun Showing increase. luminessensie
πŸ”Š 115 luminescent adjective Showing increase of light. liggewende
πŸ”Š 116 luminosity noun The quality of giving or radiating light. helderheid
πŸ”Š 117 luminous adjective Giving or radiating light. lig
πŸ”Š 118 lunacy noun Mental unsoundness. gekheid
πŸ”Š 119 lunar adjective Pertaining to the moon. maan
πŸ”Š 120 lunatic noun An insane person. kranksinnige
πŸ”Š 121 lune noun The moon. lune
πŸ”Š 122 lurid adjective Ghastly and sensational. guur
πŸ”Š 123 luscious adjective Rich, sweet, and delicious. sappige
πŸ”Š 124 lustrous adjective Shining. glansende
πŸ”Š 125 luxuriance noun Excessive or superfluous growth or quantity. weelderig
πŸ”Š 126 luxuriant adjective Abundant or superabundant in growth. weelde
πŸ”Š 127 luxuriate verb To live sumptuously. gemak
πŸ”Š 128 lying noun Untruthfulness. lΓͺ
πŸ”Š 129 lyre noun One of the most ancient of stringed instruments of the harp class. lier
πŸ”Š 130 lyric adjective Fitted for expression in song. lirieke
πŸ”Š 131 macadamize verb To cover or pave, as a path or roadway, with small broken stone. macadamiseren
πŸ”Š 132 machinery noun The parts of a machine or engine, taken collectively. masjinerie
πŸ”Š 133 machinist noun One who makes or repairs machines, or uses metal-working tools. masjinis
πŸ”Š 134 macrocosm noun The whole of any sphere or department of nature or knowledge to which man is related. makrokosmos
πŸ”Š 135 madden verb To inflame with passion. Madden
πŸ”Š 136 Madonna noun A painted or sculptured representation of the Virgin, usually with the infant Jesus. Madonna
πŸ”Š 137 magician noun A sorcerer. towenaar
πŸ”Š 138 magisterial adjective Having an air of authority. landdrosdistrik
πŸ”Š 139 magistracy noun The office or dignity of a magistrate. landdroskantoor
πŸ”Š 140 magnanimous adjective Generous in treating or judging others. grootmoedige
πŸ”Š 141 magnate noun A person of rank or importance. magnaat
πŸ”Š 142 magnet noun A body possessing that peculiar form of polarity found in nature in the lodestone. magneet
πŸ”Š 143 magnetize verb To make a magnet of, permanently, or temporarily. biologeren
πŸ”Š 144 magnificence noun The exhibition of greatness of action, character, intellect, wealth, or power. heerlikheid
πŸ”Š 145 magnificent adjective Grand or majestic in appearance, quality, or action. pragtige
πŸ”Š 146 magnitude noun Importance. grootte
πŸ”Š 147 maidenhood noun Virginity. meisie jaar
πŸ”Š 148 maintain verb To hold or preserve in any particular state or condition. onderhou
πŸ”Š 149 maintenance noun That which supports or sustains. onderhoud
πŸ”Š 150 maize noun Indian corn: usually in the United States called simply corn. mielies
πŸ”Š 151 makeup noun The arrangements or combination of the parts of which anything is composed. grimering
πŸ”Š 152 malady noun Any physical disease or disorder, especially a chronic or deep-seated one. kwaal
πŸ”Š 153 malaria noun A fever characterized by alternating chills, fever, and sweating. malaria
πŸ”Š 154 malcontent noun One who is dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs. ontevrede
πŸ”Š 155 malediction noun The calling down of a curse or curses. vervloeking
πŸ”Š 156 malefactor noun One who injures another. kwaaddoener
πŸ”Š 157 maleficent adjective Mischievous. boosaardig
πŸ”Š 158 malevolence noun Ill will. kwaadwillig
πŸ”Š 159 malevolent adjective Wishing evil to others. kwaadwillig
πŸ”Š 160 malign verb To speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely. skadelike
πŸ”Š 161 malignant adjective Evil in nature or tending to do great harm or mischief. kwaadaardige
πŸ”Š 162 malleable adjective Pliant. smeebaar
πŸ”Š 163 mallet noun A wooden hammer. hamer
πŸ”Š 164 maltreat verb To treat ill, unkindly, roughly, or abusively. uitskel
πŸ”Š 165 man-eater noun An animal that devours human beings.
πŸ”Š 166 man-trap noun A place or structure dangerous to human life.
πŸ”Š 167 mandate noun A command. mandaat
πŸ”Š 168 mandatory adjective Expressive of positive command, as distinguished from merely directory. verpligte
πŸ”Š 169 mane noun The long hair growing upon and about the neck of certain animals, as the horse and the lion. maanhare
πŸ”Š 170 maneuver verb To make adroit or artful moves: manage affairs by strategy. maneuver
πŸ”Š 171 mania noun Insanity. manie
πŸ”Š 172 maniac noun a person raving with madness. maniak
πŸ”Š 173 manifesto noun A public declaration, making announcement, explanation or defense of intentions, or motives. manifes
πŸ”Š 174 manlike adjective Like a man. manachtig
πŸ”Š 175 manliness noun The qualities characteristic of a true man, as bravery, resolution, etc. manlikheid
πŸ”Š 176 mannerism noun Constant or excessive adherence to one manner, style, or peculiarity, as of action or conduct. maniΓ«risme
πŸ”Š 177 manor noun The landed estate of a lord or nobleman. Manor
πŸ”Š 178 mantel noun The facing, sometimes richly ornamented, about a fireplace, including the usual shelf above it. mantel
πŸ”Š 179 mantle noun A cloak. mantel
πŸ”Š 180 manufacturer noun A person engaged in manufacturing as a business. vervaardiger
πŸ”Š 181 manumission noun Emancipation. vrystelling
πŸ”Š 182 manumit verb To set free from bondage. vry laat
πŸ”Š 183 marine adjective Of or pertaining to the sea or matters connected with the sea. mariene
πŸ”Š 184 maritime adjective Situated on or near the sea. maritieme
πŸ”Š 185 maroon verb To put ashore and abandon (a person) on a desolate coast or island. maroen
πŸ”Š 186 martial adjective Pertaining to war or military operations. martial
πŸ”Š 187 Martian adjective Pertaining to Mars, either the Roman god of war or the planet. Mars
πŸ”Š 188 martyrdom noun Submission to death or persecution for the sake of faith or principle. martelaarskap
πŸ”Š 189 marvel verb To be astonished and perplexed because of (something). bewonder
πŸ”Š 190 masonry noun The art or work of constructing, as buildings, walls, etc., with regularly arranged stones. messelwerk
πŸ”Š 191 masquerade noun A social party composed of persons masked and costumed so as to be disguised. maskerade
πŸ”Š 192 massacre noun The unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human beings. slagting
πŸ”Š 193 massive adjective Of considerable bulk and weight. massiewe
πŸ”Š 194 masterpiece noun A superior production. meesterstuk
πŸ”Š 195 mastery noun The attainment of superior skill. meesterskap
πŸ”Š 196 material noun That of which anything is composed or may be constructed. materiaal
πŸ”Š 197 materialize verb To take perceptible or substantial form. realiseer
πŸ”Š 198 maternal adjective Pertaining or peculiar to a mother or to motherhood. moederlike
πŸ”Š 199 matinee noun An entertainment (especially theatrical) held in the daytime. matinee
πŸ”Š 200 matricide noun The killing, especially the murdering, of one's mother. moeder moord

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