audio β„– word type definition translation
πŸ”Š 1 brine noun Water saturated with salt. pekel
πŸ”Š 2 bristle noun One of the coarse, stiff hairs of swine: used in brush-making, etc. regop staan
πŸ”Š 3 Briticism noun A word, idiom, or phrase characteristic of Great Britain or the British. Briticisme
πŸ”Š 4 brittle adjective Fragile. bros
πŸ”Š 5 broach verb To mention, for the first time. borsspeld
πŸ”Š 6 broadcast adjective Disseminated far and wide. uitsending
πŸ”Š 7 brogue noun Any dialectic pronunciation of English, especially that of the Irish people. grove skoen
πŸ”Š 8 brokerage noun The business of making sales and purchases for a commission; a broker. makelaars
πŸ”Š 9 bromine noun A dark reddish-brown, non-metallic liquid element with a suffocating odor. broom
πŸ”Š 10 bronchitis noun Inflammation of the bronchial tubes. brongitis
πŸ”Š 11 bronchus noun Either of the two subdivisions of the trachea conveying air into the lungs. bronchus
πŸ”Š 12 brooch noun An article of jewelry fastened by a hinged pin and hook on the underside. speld
πŸ”Š 13 brotherhood noun Spiritual or social fellowship or solidarity. broederskap
πŸ”Š 14 browbeat verb To overwhelm, or attempt to do so, by stern, haughty, or rude address or manner. donder
πŸ”Š 15 brusque adjective Somewhat rough or rude in manner or speech. kortaf
πŸ”Š 16 buffoon noun A clown. nar
πŸ”Š 17 buffoonery noun Low drollery, coarse jokes, etc. grappenmakerij
πŸ”Š 18 bulbous adjective Of, or pertaining to, or like a bulb. bolvormige
πŸ”Š 19 bullock noun An ox. bul
πŸ”Š 20 bulrush noun Any one of various tall rush-like plants growing in damp ground or water. biesie
πŸ”Š 21 bulwark noun Anything that gives security or defense. skans
πŸ”Š 22 bumper noun A cup or glass filled to the brim, especially one to be drunk as a toast or health. buffer
πŸ”Š 23 bumptious adjective Full of offensive and aggressive self-conceit. aanmatigend
πŸ”Š 24 bungle verb To execute clumsily. verbroddelen
πŸ”Š 25 buoyancy noun Power or tendency to float on or in a liquid or gas. dryfvermoΓ«
πŸ”Š 26 buoyant adjective Having the power or tendency to float or keep afloat. lewendig
πŸ”Š 27 bureau noun A chest of drawers for clothing, etc. Buro
πŸ”Š 28 bureaucracy noun Government by departments of men transacting particular branches of public business. burokrasie
πŸ”Š 29 burgess noun In colonial times, a member of the lower house of the legislature of Maryland or Virginia. Burgess
πŸ”Š 30 burgher noun An inhabitant, citizen or freeman of a borough burgh, or corporate town. burger
πŸ”Š 31 burnish verb To make brilliant or shining. bruin
πŸ”Š 32 bursar noun A treasurer. beurshouer
πŸ”Š 33 bustle verb To hurry. gewoel
πŸ”Š 34 butt verb To strike with or as with the head, or horns. boude
πŸ”Š 35 butte noun A conspicuous hill, low mountain, or natural turret, generally isolated. Butte
πŸ”Š 36 buttress noun Any support or prop. stut
πŸ”Š 37 by-law noun A rule or law adopted by an association, a corporation, or the like.
πŸ”Š 38 cabal noun A number of persons secretly united for effecting by intrigue some private purpose. kabaal
πŸ”Š 39 cabinet noun The body of men constituting the official advisors of the executive head of a nation. kabinet
πŸ”Š 40 cacophony noun A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sound or combination of sounds or tones. kakofonie
πŸ”Š 41 cadaverous adjective Resembling a corpse. kadaweragtige
πŸ”Š 42 cadence noun Rhythmical or measured flow or movement, as in poetry or the time and pace of marching troops. kadens
πŸ”Š 43 caitiff adjective Cowardly. armzalig
πŸ”Š 44 cajole verb To impose on or dupe by flattering speech. mooipraat
πŸ”Š 45 cajolery noun Delusive speech. vleierij
πŸ”Š 46 calculable adjective That may be estimated by reckoning. berekenbare
πŸ”Š 47 calculus noun A concretion formed in various parts of the body resembling a pebble in hardness. calculus
πŸ”Š 48 callosity noun The state of being hard and insensible. ongevoeligheid
πŸ”Š 49 callow adjective Without experience of the world. bles
πŸ”Š 50 calorie noun Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree centigrade. kalorie
πŸ”Š 51 calumny noun Slander. laster
πŸ”Š 52 Calvinism noun The system of doctrine taught by John Calvin. Calvinisme
πŸ”Š 53 came noun A leaden sash-bar or grooved strip for fastening panes in stained-glass windows. kom
πŸ”Š 54 cameo noun Any small engraved or carved work in relief. cameo
πŸ”Š 55 campaign noun A complete series of connected military operations. veldtog
πŸ”Š 56 canary adjective Of a bright but delicate yellow. Kanariese
πŸ”Š 57 candid adjective Straightforward. openhartige
πŸ”Š 58 candor noun The quality of frankness or outspokenness. eerlikheid
πŸ”Š 59 canine adjective Characteristic of a dog. honde
πŸ”Š 60 canon noun Any rule or law. kanon
πŸ”Š 61 cant verb To talk in a singsong, preaching tone with affected solemnity. cant
πŸ”Š 62 cantata noun A choral composition. kantate
πŸ”Š 63 canto noun One of the divisions of an extended poem. canto
πŸ”Š 64 cantonment noun The part of the town or district in which the troops are quartered. inkwartiering
πŸ”Š 65 capacious adjective Roomy. ruim
πŸ”Š 66 capillary noun A minute vessel having walls composed of a single layer of cells. kapillΓͺre
πŸ”Š 67 capitulate verb To surrender or stipulate terms. kapituleer
πŸ”Š 68 caprice noun A whim. grille
πŸ”Š 69 caption noun A heading, as of a chapter, section, document, etc. opskrif
πŸ”Š 70 captious adjective Hypercritical. captious
πŸ”Š 71 captivate verb To fascinate, as by excellence. eloquence, or beauty. boei
πŸ”Š 72 carcass noun The dead body of an animal. karkas
πŸ”Š 73 cardiac adjective Pertaining to the heart. kardiale
πŸ”Š 74 cardinal adjective Of prime or special importance. kardinale
πŸ”Š 75 caret noun A sign (^) placed below a line, indicating where omitted words, etc., should be inserted. kappie
πŸ”Š 76 caricature noun a picture or description in which natural characteristics are exaggerated or distorted. karikatuur
πŸ”Š 77 carnage noun Massacre. slagting
πŸ”Š 78 carnal adjective Sensual. vleeslike
πŸ”Š 79 carnivorous adjective Eating or living on flesh. vleisetende
πŸ”Š 80 carouse verb To drink deeply and in boisterous or jovial manner. zwelgerij
πŸ”Š 81 carrion noun Dead and putrefying flesh. aas
πŸ”Š 82 cartilage noun An elastic animal tissue of firm consistence. kraakbeen
πŸ”Š 83 cartridge noun A charge for a firearm, or for blasting. patroon
πŸ”Š 84 caste noun The division of society on artificial grounds. kaste
πŸ”Š 85 castigate verb To punish. gispen
πŸ”Š 86 casual adjective Accidental, by chance. gemaklik
πŸ”Š 87 casualty noun A fatal or serious accident or disaster. ongevalle
πŸ”‡ cat-o-nine-tails noun An instrument consisting of nine pieces of cord, formerly used for flogging in the army and navy.
πŸ”Š 89 cataclysm noun Any overwhelming flood of water. ramp
πŸ”Š 90 cataract noun Opacity of the lens of the eye resulting in complete or partial blindness. katarak
πŸ”Š 91 catastrophe noun Any great and sudden misfortune or calamity. katastrofe
πŸ”Š 92 cathode noun The negative pole or electrode of a galvanic battery. katode
πŸ”Š 93 Catholicism noun The system, doctrine, and practice of the Roman Catholic Church. Katolisisme
πŸ”Š 94 catholicity noun Universal prevalence or acceptance. katolisiteit
πŸ”Š 95 caucus noun A private meeting of members of a political party to select candidates. koukus
πŸ”Š 96 causal adjective Indicating or expressing a cause. oorsaaklike
πŸ”Š 97 caustic adjective Sarcastic and severe. bytende
πŸ”Š 98 cauterize verb To burn or sear as with a heated iron. toeschroeien
πŸ”Š 99 cede verb To pass title to. sedeer
πŸ”Š 100 censor noun An official examiner of manuscripts empowered to prohibit their publication. censor
πŸ”Š 101 censorious adjective Judging severely or harshly. vitterig
πŸ”Š 102 census noun An official numbering of the people of a country or district. sensus
πŸ”Š 103 centenary adjective Pertaining to a hundred years or a period of a hundred years. eeufees
πŸ”Š 104 centiliter noun A hundredth of a liter. centiliter
πŸ”Š 105 centimeter noun A length of one hundredth of a meter. sentimeter
πŸ”Š 106 centurion noun A captain of a company of one hundred infantry in the ancient Roman army. Centurion
πŸ”Š 107 cereal adjective Pertaining to edible grain or farinaceous seeds. graan
πŸ”Š 108 ceremonial adjective Characterized by outward form or ceremony. seremoniΓ«le
πŸ”Š 109 ceremonious adjective Observant of ritual. statig
πŸ”Š 110 cessation noun Discontinuance, as of action or motion. staking
πŸ”Š 111 cession noun Surrender, as of possessions or rights. sessie
πŸ”Š 112 chagrin noun Keen vexation, annoyance, or mortification, as at one's failures or errors. hartseer
πŸ”Š 113 chameleon adjective Changeable in appearance. verkleurmannetjie
πŸ”Š 114 chancery noun A court of equity, as distinguished from a common-law court. Chancery
πŸ”Š 115 chaos noun Any condition of which the elements or parts are in utter disorder and confusion. chaos
πŸ”Š 116 characteristic noun A distinctive feature. kenmerkende
πŸ”Š 117 characterize verb To describe by distinctive marks or peculiarities. kenmerk
πŸ”Š 118 charlatan noun A quack. charlatan
πŸ”Š 119 chasm noun A yawning hollow, as in the earth's surface. kloof
πŸ”Š 120 chasten verb To purify by affliction. tugtig
πŸ”Š 121 chastise verb To subject to punitive measures. kasty
πŸ”Š 122 chastity noun Sexual or moral purity. kuisheid
πŸ”Š 123 chateau noun A castle or manor-house. kasteel
πŸ”Š 124 chattel noun Any article of personal property. besitting
πŸ”Š 125 check verb To hold back. tjek
πŸ”Š 126 chiffon noun A very thin gauze used for trimmings, evening dress, etc. chiffon
πŸ”Š 127 chivalry noun The knightly system of feudal times with its code, usages and practices. ridders
πŸ”Š 128 cholera noun An acute epidemic disease. cholera
πŸ”Š 129 choleric adjective Easily provoked to anger. prikkelbaar
πŸ”Š 130 choral adjective Pertaining to, intended for, or performed by a chorus or choir. koor
πŸ”Š 131 Christ noun A title of Jesus Christus
πŸ”Š 132 christen verb To name in baptism. Christen
πŸ”Š 133 chromatic adjective Belonging, relating to, or abounding in color. chromatiese
πŸ”Š 134 chronology noun The science that treats of computation of time or of investigation and arrangement of events. chronologie
πŸ”Š 135 chronometer noun A portable timekeeper of the highest attainable precision. chronometer
πŸ”Š 136 cipher verb To calculate arithmetically. (also a noun meaning zero or nothing) cipher
πŸ”Š 137 circulate verb To disseminate. sirkuleer
πŸ”Š 138 circumference noun The boundary-line of a circle. omtrek
πŸ”Š 139 circumlocution noun Indirect or roundabout expression. woord rivier
πŸ”Š 140 circumnavigate verb To sail quite around. atmosfeer
πŸ”Š 141 circumscribe verb To confine within bounds. omskryf
πŸ”Š 142 circumspect adjective Showing watchfulness, caution, or careful consideration. versigtiger
πŸ”Š 143 citadel noun Any strong fortress. vesting
πŸ”Š 144 cite verb To refer to specifically. noem
πŸ”Š 145 claimant noun One who makes a claim or demand, as of right. eiser
πŸ”Š 146 clairvoyance noun Intuitive sagacity or perception. heldersiendheid
πŸ”Š 147 clan noun A tribe. clan
πŸ”Š 148 clandestine adjective Surreptitious. klandestiene
πŸ”Š 149 clangor noun Clanking or a ringing, as of arms, chains, or bells; clamor. gekletter
πŸ”Š 150 clarify verb To render intelligible. verduidelik
πŸ”Š 151 clarion noun A small shrill trumpet or bugle. Clarion
πŸ”Š 152 classify verb To arrange in a class or classes on the basis of observed resemblance's and differences. klassifiseer
πŸ”Š 153 clearance noun A certificate from the proper authorities that a vessel has complied with the law and may sail. klaring
πŸ”Š 154 clemency noun Mercy. genade
πŸ”Š 155 clement adjective Compassionate. Clement
πŸ”Š 156 close-hauled adjective Having the sails set for sailing as close to the wind as possible.
πŸ”Š 157 clothier noun One who makes or sells cloth or clothing. lake
πŸ”Š 158 clumsy adjective Awkward of movement. onbeholpe
πŸ”Š 159 coagulant adjective Producing coagulation. coagulant
πŸ”Š 160 coagulate verb To change into a clot or a jelly, as by heat, by chemical action, or by a ferment. koaguleer
πŸ”Š 161 coalescence noun The act or process of coming together so as to form one body, combination, or product. samesmelting
πŸ”Š 162 coalition noun Combination in a body or mass. koalisie
πŸ”Š 163 coddle verb To treat as a baby or an invalid. koester
πŸ”Š 164 codicil noun A supplement adding to, revoking, or explaining in the body of a will. kodisil
πŸ”Š 165 coerce verb To force. dwing
πŸ”Š 166 coercion noun Forcible constraint or restraint, moral or physical. dwang
πŸ”Š 167 coercive adjective Serving or tending to force. dwang
πŸ”Š 168 cogent adjective Appealing strongly to the reason or conscience. oortuigende
πŸ”Š 169 cognate adjective Akin. verwante
πŸ”Š 170 cognizant adjective Taking notice. bewus
πŸ”Š 171 cohere verb To stick together. saamhang
πŸ”Š 172 cohesion noun Consistency. samehorigheid
πŸ”Š 173 cohesive adjective Having the property of consistency. samehangende
πŸ”Š 174 coincide verb To correspond. saamval
πŸ”Š 175 coincidence noun A circumstance so agreeing with another: often implying accident. toeval
πŸ”Š 176 coincident adjective Taking place at the same time. samevallende
πŸ”Š 177 collaborate verb To labor or cooperate with another or others, especially in literary or scientific pursuits. saamwerk
πŸ”Š 178 collapse verb To cause to shrink, fall in, or fail. inval
πŸ”Š 179 collapsible adjective That may or can collapse. opvoubare
πŸ”Š 180 colleague noun An associate in professional employment. kollega
πŸ”Š 181 collective adjective Consisting of a number of persons or objects considered as gathered into a mass, or sum. kollektiewe
πŸ”Š 182 collector noun One who makes a collection, as of objects of art, books, or the like. versamelaar
πŸ”Š 183 collegian noun A college student. student van college
πŸ”Š 184 collide verb To meet and strike violently. bots
πŸ”Š 185 collier noun One who works in a coal-mine. Collier
πŸ”Š 186 collision noun Violent contact. botsing
πŸ”Š 187 colloquial adjective Pertaining or peculiar to common speech as distinguished from literary. volksmond
πŸ”Š 188 colloquialism noun Form of speech used only or chiefly in conversation. colloquialism
πŸ”Š 189 colloquy noun Conversation. Colloqium
πŸ”Š 190 collusion noun A secret agreement for a wrongful purpose. Samespanning
πŸ”Š 191 colossus noun Any strikingly great person or object. kolos
πŸ”Š 192 comely adjective Handsome. lieflik
πŸ”Š 193 comestible adjective Fit to be eaten. eetbare
πŸ”Š 194 comical adjective Funny. komiese
πŸ”Š 195 commemorate verb To serve as a remembrance of. herdenk
πŸ”Š 196 commentary noun A series of illustrative or explanatory notes on any important work. kommentaar
πŸ”Š 197 commingle verb To blend. commingle
πŸ”Š 198 commission verb To empower. kommissie
πŸ”Š 199 commitment noun The act or process of entrusting or consigning for safe-keeping. verbintenis
πŸ”Š 200 committal noun The act, fact, or result of committing, or the state of being verwysing

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